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I hired from Richardson’s earlier this year. Some of their staff go to huge lengths to ensure that everything they do is to the highest standard, but this approach seems not to be consistent across all the staff, which is a shame. We were travelling across the country from Bristol in a 1930s vehicle, so knew we would be late.

The manageress incredibly kindly agreed to leave the boat keys out for us so that we could take over the boat during the evening. There were failed communications within the organisation, and when we arrived, the security guy knew nothing about us, and the keys weren’t out.

That said, he then let us in, helped us to find the boat, and turned a blind eye whilst we opened a window with a coat hanger. When the manageress found out what had happened, she refunded all our parking costs, all the map costs, and gave us the ‘diving insurance’ free, on a three week holiday that saved us about 70 – she couldn’t have been more helpful.

The mechanics on the quayside were superb. One in particular, Steve Day, took great trouble to show us round other boats we were interested in, and one of the fitters in the shed took time out to talk to us about the materials they use for fitting out when he discovered that we’d bought a boat which needed some work. I think every boat yard has their off day, but the vast majority of the staff I came across couldn’t have been more helpful.


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I’ve always found Richardsons helpful. Best time to go is on the morning of a changeover day. That way you get to nose on boats whilst they’re unlocked, as long as you make sure you don’t get in the cleaner’s way.

You just need to politely ask the staff if you can get aboard & then after that I’ve been able to get on & off boats unnoticed – fantastic fun!


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that sounds like a good plan Broads01, however i only get wednesdays and sundays off work so could be difficult. I’ll take a chance and see what the boat is like when we take over hire in october…guess i’m just gonna have to be patient! Only 99 days to go, not that we’re counting.

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“horrible green hull”

Thats British racing green Smile

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We hired Major Gem 4 from Richardsons in 2002.

Very disappointing. The cockpit’s sliding rood was rotten and unstable, thus it would come off the rails and fall onto someones head when ever someone was to winch it open or shut. Obviously my dad was after a refund.

They refused to agree with this and denied that there was a problem with the roof and that it was not safe. After many days after the holiday of my dad nagging them about it they eventally gave up and my dad got his refund.

Anthony aka AJ, David & Shirley

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Phone them up a few weeks ago to ask to use their slipway and was shocked Gasp when I asked how much to launch my own small boat from a trailer. They said 20 to use slipway in and 20 out but if I used slipway on same day it would be 30 in and out(what a discount lol).

Last year I hired a boat off them for half a day for 40, using their fuel for all that time. All I wanted to do was for me to launch my own small boat from trailer from 4×4 takes 5/10 mins and then later in day for myself to winch my boat back. They are on list that the Broads Authority gives out for slipways to users.

Found a nearby boatyard with a great slipway that only charges one charge in all 10 to use their slipway Cheers .
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We’re hiring San Francisco from Richardsons, Stalham, this week. Haven’t seen the boat mentioned at all throughout this thread, so not sure whether to be worried? Don’t know if it is supposed to be not as good as some others, but it does apparently have a 4-poster and wasn’t cheap (I don’t think!)

Anybody have any photos or any tips on this particular boat? Any info much appreciated…thanks all.

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Hi Gus

We hired San Francisco 3 back in 2001 and were very happy. There are now newer more expensive boats as you may have noticed leafing through the different brochures so she is not ‘the latest’ highest grade available, but sits somewhere about the middle standard, which no doubt you have perhaps realised by her grading & also her hire charge in relation to more basic & more luxurious expensive craft.

Bearing in mind her hire fee I’m sure you’ll be happy, she is quite a nice boat, and nice size. There are some pictures in the ‘hireboat info’ section – you can access it by the button near the bottom of the main page, then search by her boat name. You can also add your own pictures &/or a review of her if you wish after your holiday on her page.

It then becomes a useful resource for people to gain an unbiased view or a bit more info than the brochure gives. Hope that makes sense, enjoy your holiday Dan

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Please remember when reading views on a boatyard, particularly Richardsons, that out of the hundreds of people that go through them each year, the complaints aired on here are a miniscule minority!

MUFC. One life – one love.

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We have used Richardsons over the last forty years and always found them helpful. The last boat we had was Bronze Gem.

Kind Regards
Ian Ireland

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Hi everyone,

Just returned from a week on Voyager from Richardsons. The whole experience was excellent. The staff were very polite and efficient and we were on our way within an hour of arriving at the boatyard, The boat itself was clean and tidy, and was spacious considering there were eight adults and one child on board.

On Bank holiday Monday(around 6pm), our throttle cable snapped (fortunately we were just mooring), and by 9am Tuesday it was being replaced. Very impressive I thought. Everything was very smooth on our return to the yard too.

In all a very professional operation, in my opinion. I will certainly be using Richardsons again next year Jim.

The Norfolk Broads…Water way to have a good time.


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