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Three months before the mast:Trainee and Medical Officer Aboard the Barque, Picton Castle (Sunday, September 28 at 4pm)

Brian McPhillips, a local family physician and avid sailor, took a three month break from his practice in early 2013 to serve as medical officer and trainee aboard the three-masted Tall Ship, Picton Castle. Brian will show slides and talk of his adventures on this 180 foot barque which sails out of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The ship travels around the world on a mission to provide trainees with the adventure of sailing the open ocean while teaching and preserving traditional sailing skills and seamanship (added from Eventkeeper) (more2)

Doing More with Your iPad (Tuesday, September 30 at 11am)

If you want to know more about what you can do with your iPad and how to do it, this class is for you.

You’ll be doing step-by-step, hands-on exercises to learn how to surf the web, add friends to your address book, schedule calendar events, make lists, take photos and videos and share them with friends and family, find and download books, music and videos, and send text messages to your grandchildren. You will also learn security and privacy settings, how to back up your iPad, and iCloud features including “Find My iPad.” If there is time, you’ll learn about the interesting new features in iOS 8. One-on-one help will be available.

You should have some experience with your iPad (former class members recommend “playing” with it before coming to the class). Class is limited to 12. You must bring an iPad running the latest version of iOS 7 and know your Apple ID and password.

The latest version of iPad, the Missing Manual is recommended.
Presenter: Connie Coleman is retired from the IT department of the JHU Applied Physics laboratory. During her career, she designed and developed large computer systems, led project teams, planned training programs, wrote manuals, and taught classes for users. She is an avid user of her iPhone and iPad.
This program is sponsored by Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UMass Boston.

Participants must be pre-registered OLLI members.
Call 617-287-7312 or email ollireg@gmail.com for more information. (added from Eventkeeper) (more3)

The Mantle of Command: FDR at War, 1941-1942 (Tuesday, September 30 at 12:40pm)

(Video Conference Presentation from UMass Boston)
A dramatic, eye-opening account of how FDR took personal charge of the military direction of World War II. Based on years of archival research and interviews with the last surviving Roosevelt aides and family members, The Mantle of Command offers a definitive account of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s masterful and underappreciated leadership of the Allied war effort. The book brings readers inside FDR’s White House Oval Study, his personal command center, and inside the meetings where he battled with Churchill about strategy and tactics and overrode the near mutinies of his own generals and secretary of war.

Time and again, FDR was proven right, and his allies and generals were wrong. When the generals wanted to attack the Nazi-fortified coast of France, FDR knew the Allied forces weren’t ready. When Churchill insisted that his Far East colonies were loyal and would resist the Japanese, Roosevelt knew it was a fantasy.

This presentation will give an intimate and sweeping look at a great president in history’s greatest conflict.
Presenter: Nigel Hamilton is a best-selling and award-winning biographer of President John F. Kennedy, General Bernard “Monty” Montgomery, and President Bill Clinton, among other subjects. He is a senior fellow at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, UMass Boston, and was the first president of the Biographers International Organization

This program is sponsored by Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UMass Boston.

Participants must be pre-registered OLLI members or Hingham residents.
Call 617-287-7312 or email ollireg@gmail.com for more information. (added from Eventkeeper)


The Great War: Four Years of War, A Century of Controversy (Tuesday, September 30 at 3pm)

(Video Conference Presentation from UMass Boston)
The four-year Great War has been the subject of a century of controversy, focusing primarily on the causes of the war and the leaders of the Great Powers: Germany, Britain, France, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and the United States. The consequences of the war not only affect international politics to this day, but are the subject of both scholarly and political controversy. Participants in this seminar are encouraged to read books selected for the course, preferably in advance of the course. (Anyone interested in taking this course should check the OLLI website for a list of recommended reading.)
Presenter: Rita Peters, PhD is a Professor in the Political Science Department at UMass Boston.

She is also an Associate of Harvard University’s Davis Center for Russian Studies. Among other courses, Rita teaches International Relations and War, and she has lectured on various aspects of conflict and security at the University of Latvia, the School of Diplomacy in Talinn, and for OLLI. She earned her PhD at Boston University.

Her research has been published in various scholarly journals.
This program is sponsored by Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UMass Boston. Participants must be pre-registered OLLI members.
Call 617-287-7312 or email ollireg@gmail.com for more information. (added from Eventkeeper) (more5)

Evening with the Author: Deborah Crombie (Tuesday, September 30 at 8pm)

From New York Times Bestseller Deborah Crombie comes the newest mystery featuring London detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, where danger comes closer than ever before and new loyalties must be tested: To Dwell in Darkness.
A small group of eco-protesters lurking on the fringe of a crowd gathered for a musical event in the main concourse of St. Pancras Station begin marching, chanting and carrying placards protesting the pollution generated by the new Thameslink and Crossrail construction.

Suddenly there is an explosion. A man is
down it’s too late the man is dead, mutilated beyond recognition by what appears to have been a bomb.
And it is in Camden, just weeks after his unexpected transfer from Scotland Yard, that Superintendent Duncan Kincaid finds himself heading a new murder investigation team out of Holborn Police Station. Called to the scene of the first major incident on his new patch, he must call in the counter-terrorism unit,
until they determine if this was a terrorist attack, an accident-or murder.
The shocked group of protestors identifies the severely disfigured victim as a long-time member of their group, but insists that he was only carrying a smoke bomb.

Duncan is quickly plunged into a fraught investigation in the heart of London with the uncertain loyalties of a new team and the lives of fellow police
at stake.
Deborah Crombie is a New York Times Notable author and has been nominated for and won many awards including the New York Times Book of the Year.

Her novel Dreaming of the Bones, was chosen by the Independent Mystery Booksellers of America as one of the 100 Best Crime Novels of the Century. (added from Eventkeeper) (more6)


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