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Champions League final: Teddy Sheringham recalls Manchester … 0

Champions League final: Teddy Sheringham recalls Manchester …

Teddy Sherinham, centre, celebrates with Ryan Giggs, left, and David Beckham. Photograph: Sergio Perez/Reuters I had scored in the FA Cup final four days earlier and I thought I would have a shout at starting at Camp Nou. I was quite upset when the manager told me that I wouldn’t be.

Bayern scored early but they kept on playing well. There is a selfish element I wanted to play a part and I wanted to be the hero. I remember Sir Alex Ferguson coming up to me at half-time and saying, ‘I’m going to keep it the same but make sure you are ready because if it stays like this for 10 or 15 minutes you’re going to be coming on’.

I didn’t want our team to score in the next 10 or 15 minutes. I wanted the team to stay 1-0 down so I would have a chance to play in the Champions League 1 final. I did not realise it was so near the end until I saw Peter Schmeichel coming up for the corner, then I knew there could not be long left to play.

The ball came in from Becks David Beckham, it went to the far post and Dwight Yorke headed it back before a defender half-cleared it and it went to Giggsy Ryan Giggs on the edge of the box. He scuffed his right foot shot and it came my way. I knew I was onside because they had a fella on the line.

Before I hit it he ran out, so when the ball came to me it looked like I was offside but I knew that I wasn’t. After I’d scored I went off celebrating but I checked with the linesman to make sure he’d seen it right. A few seconds later we had another corner and Becks took it again.

I went to the near post and got in front of my man but I got up a little bit early and realised I wouldn’t be able to score, so I flicked it on to the far post into an area where I knew one of our players would be and Ole Gunnar Solskj r stuck out a leg and put it in the top of the net. It was a complete shock how we turned it around and to this day people come up to me and tell me that by the time they had finished celebrating the first goal we were celebrating the second one. People watching it in pubs were still celebrating reruns of the first goal and then were celebrating even more some didn’t know there had been a second goal, it happened that quickly.

I’ve never celebrated on a pitch for so long, I think we must have done three or four laps of honour. We really milked the moment. We were not just celebrating the Champions League, we were celebrating the previous 11 days, winning the Premier League and the FA Cup.

We chilled out in the bath after that for a while but we made up for it that night, we were still partying at seven in the morning. Without a doubt it was the most enthusiastic celebrations of my career we were celebrating winning the Treble, so we made it one hell of a party in Barcelona. Teddy Sheringham scored in the 1999 Champions League final, played a decade ago today.

He was speaking ahead of his first foray into football management at the first ever All Female Football Aid Charity game at Goodison Park on 21 May, sponsored by Wrigley’s Extra the official chewing gum of the Premier League References ^ More from on Champions League (

The Lambeth Walk: Royal Chauffeur Suspended over Security Breach 0

The Lambeth Walk: Royal Chauffeur Suspended over Security Breach

A man who works as a senior driver for the Queen has been suspended 1 after allowing two undercover reporters into Buckingham Palace. The reporters, who were posing as Arab businessmen and paid Royal chauffeur Brian Sirjusingh up to 1,000, were allowed inside with no security checks at all. Sirjusingh sneaked the men into the Royal Mews 2 where they were allowed to see a variety of vehicles and carriages owned and used by the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family.

Sirjusingh, originally from Trinidad, boasted of his status as the third most senior of the six Royal drivers, and then allowed one of the reporters to sit in the back of the Queen’s Bentley ( pictured below ), used to transport her on state occasions. He proceeded to tell the men all about the car’s custom security and comfort features and the Queen’s private travel arrangements. The deal, set up by Sirjusingh’s Lithuanian call-girl lover, took place just 200 yards from the Palace.

The Queen was in residence at the time.

Scotland Yard say they are investigating the breach of security, and Sirjusingh has been suspended.

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Meeting Rooms | Sherbourne House 0

Meeting Rooms | Sherbourne House

This post is also available in: German 1 Sherbourne House offers one large and two small meeting or syndicate rooms ideally prepared to accommodate a variety of business meetings. We can plan each meeting to your specific requirements to provide the perfect setting for your upcoming event. The Main Room can accommodate 22 in most styles (theatre 30); the Middle Room up to 8, the Drawing Room up to 6.

The Main Room hire only Includes tea & coffee throughout Free Wi-fi Water and mints Flipchart Screen Full Day 150.00 Half Day 80.00 (up to 1.00 pm or after 1.00 pm rates for other times on request) Small Meeting Rooms hire only Includes unlimited Tea & Coffee Free Wi-fi Water and mints Flipchart Screen Full Day 80.00 Half Day 45.00 (up to 1 pm or from 1pm rates for other times on request) Day delegate 22 Minimum 8 people Room Hire Includes tea & coffee all day Choice of buffet lunches Water and mints Flipchart Screen LCD projector and OHP Free Wi-fi References ^ German (