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Welcome to the very first post on Heacham-On-Line s news blog.

Stories and features (and many old photos) that have appeared on the site in the past will return in a different form at some point. Going forward such features should appear in this section. Hopefully I will not be the only contributor to it.

Your new look Heacham-On-Line website has been in the planning for a very long time and brings a fresh new look which is more useful to visitors.

The front page advertisements have been replaced by randomly generated adverts throughout the site rather than just on the front page. This means that everyone gets a chance to appear rather than a small number. However, those that have paid to be on the original front page will get 4 x the opportunity to appear in the rotating adverts.

Business sections have been significantly cleaned up and more listings of local businesses are available to make the site an even more useful source of information. The format for this site will also soon apply to Hunstanton-On-Line.

If you observe any broken links or problems please do let us know as the redevelopment project has been a mammoth task and we may have missed something.

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