Norfolk Constabulary: Focus on Hunstanton ASB

People living in Hunstanton have asked the police and council to
help keep a lid on anti-social behaviour in the town over the
summer months.

Problems including drink-fuelled crime, noisy and inconsiderate
behaviour historically increase as thousands of visitors flock to
the popular seaside resort.

At a public meeting held between the police, council, partner
agencies and community it was agreed to make this one of three
local priorities to be addressed over the coming weeks.

Increasing awareness and membership of the Norfolk Home Watch
scheme and promoting safe and responsible driving, particularly
among young people, were also agreed as important issues to be

Following the meeting, Hunstanton Inspector Dave Buckley said:
“As with most other areas, Hunstanton can see a rise in anti-social
behaviour offences during the summer months as children enjoy their
school break and the town sees an influx of day-trippers and

Hunstanton and Burnham Safer Neighbourhood
will be working closely with the council’s
neighbourhood nuisance team, Pub Watch and local businesses to
reduce any impact on the local population, with a particular focus
on drink-related offences, the night-time economy and misuse of
local beaches.”

Among the additional measures planned to tackle the issues will
be increased police prescence during key events, including the
Lifestyles weekend later this month and Hunstanton Tennis Week in

The volunteer-led SOS bus, used at weekends to aid pub and
club-goers in King’s Lynn, will also be drafted in during tennis

The police and council will also make use of the partnership
Community Safety CCTV van, a mobile resource that can be deployed
both to deter or to record nuisance behaviour.

The Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting held at Hunstanton
Town Hall on Thursday July 1 was chaired by local councillor
Richard Bird and representatives from the police, council, housing,
local parishes and schools.

Action taken to address the local issues previously agreed as
priorities included:

– Increased patrols and successful investigating to tackle an
increase in thefts on the coastal route, especially at the Crab Hut
at Brancaster Staithe. A 22-year-old man from Wells was convicted
of burglary last month and sentenced to carry out 80 hours unpaid
work, pay 125 compensation and 80 costs.

– To address a small rise in thefts at Burnham Market, SNT
officers worked to identify offenders, increased patrols in the
area and rasied awareness of crime prevention measures. A
25-year-old local man was arrested and cautioned for stealing money
from a house-mate.

Since the break-in at All Saints chuch nine
weeks ago, there have been no further incidents.

Residents from across the neighbourhood are encouraged to raise
any local issues or concerns at the next SNAP meetinh at the town
hall at 6pm on Thursday September 2.

If you would like further information about Home Watch, or are
interested in joining or setting up a scheme, contact PC Amy
Moreland at Hunstanton Police Station on 0845 456 4567 or sign-up
to local policing news at

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