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SLAPE :: Topic: The hunters had checked with police prior to the … 0

SLAPE :: Topic: The hunters had checked with police prior to the …

Goose hunters interrupt church picnic in Hingham Parishioners from the St, parajumpers 1 . John the Evangelist Episcopal church in Hingham were setting up for a postMass picnic at the town’s Bathing Beach Saturday night when they were interrupted by the sound of gunfire and the sight of a wounded Canada goose 2 slowly dying, the rector said. The Rev.

Timothy Schenk said he held a “preach at the beach” Mass “to remind people that God isn’t under house arrest at a church. God is everywhere, doudoune canada goose avis 3 ,” he said. and the picnic was about to begin when the parishioners saw three geese fly by, and then heard three shots, said Schenk.

Two men were hunting geese on the beach, he said. They hit one of the geese, which fell into the water. It was wounded, but not immediately killed.

The goose tried to swim away as the hunters took a couple more shots at it, missing it. “Usually, canada goose livigno parka outlet 4 , when you hunt, Parajumpers Gobi Bomber 5 , you have some sort of provision to get what you hunt,” said Schenk. This was not the case as the goose, struggling to swim away, “just kind of slipped under the water,” he said. Parents and children were distressed at what they saw, said Schenk. “They saw the whole thing unfold right in front of their eyes.

You don’t go to church and expect to see guns killing animals.” Schenk called the police to make sure that they were aware of what was going on, Canada Goose Banff Parka 6 . “I’m not opposed to hunting, but this is a common sense issue,” he said. “If there are cars nearby and children on the beach, then don’t mess with firearms.” The hunters had checked with police prior to the incident to see if the hunt was legal, Hingham Police Lieutenant Michael Peraino said. Citing a Colonialera rule that allows hunting in public areas as long as it is 500 feet from any houses and 150 feet from a highway, police gave them the goahead, he said. Upon further review by police, however, Parajumpers Ekstra Lang Jakke 7 , a littleknown town bylaw passed in 2003 actually outlawed the discharge of firearms on town property, Peraino said.

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Norfolk Constabulary: Have your say in Loddon 0

Norfolk Constabulary: Have your say in Loddon

Police and partner agencies are inviting local people to a meeting where they can help suggest ways in which their neighbourhood can be improved in the Loddon area. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting, meet team members from the local police and council and raise any concerns they may have. Following consultation, the panel made up of representatives from the police, South Norfolk District Council and other partner agencies will then decide on the priorities for all partners to act to act upon for the next four months.

The last priorities that the South Norfolk Action Panel (SNAP) chose to focus on for the four month period were: To target anti-social behaviour at Chedgrave Common To target anti-social behaviour at Pye’s Mill, Loddon The next SNAP meeting will be held on Wednesday 29 September at 7pm at The Brian Clarke Room, Mallard Close, Chedgrave NR14 7WB.

If you are unable to attend the meeting and would like to raise an issue to be considered as a priority by contacting an officer from the team on 0845 456 4567 or email 1 References ^ (

Dig or Diss | Airport Laptop Issues 0

Dig or Diss | Airport Laptop Issues

Dig or Diss | Airport Laptop Issues So this is a Diss, we never like talking ill about anything carry. But it does suck when your laptop doesn t fit into the trays provided at most of the airports Even if you try to follow all of Ryan Bingham s rules of travel 1 , you can still get caught with an oversized laptop for the tray that is provided. And the worst thing about that is the fear that your laptop will fall out of the tray, get caught on any edges/corners or just make it more cumbersome/time sapping to get through security gates at the airports.

Is it really that hard to provide trays that can comfortably fit a 17-inch laptop?

Given how common they are becoming References ^ rules of travel (