Norfolk Constabulary: Vehicle security reminder Thetford

6 April 2011

Police in Thetford are encouraging motorists to take their
valuables with them before locking their vehicles.

The reminder comes after two sat navs were stolen from insecure
cars in recent days.

Thetford Inspector Adam Hayes said: “All motorists should
remember to take some simple security measures to make their
vehicle less attractive to passing thieves, but especially at
beauty spots and picnic sites – where vehicles can be left for
longer periods of time.

Officers will continue to carry out high visibility patrols in
vulnerable locations to deter and disrupt thieves and make
motorists aware of the potential risk of leaving property on

Police are advising people to pay extra attention to vehicle
security with the onset of warmer weather and offer the following
advice to vehicle owners:

  • Lock all doors and close windows and the sun roof every time
    you leave your car unattended.
  • Whether out and about or at home, remove all valuables from the
    vehicle especially audio equipment and sat navs
  • Do not leave any property on show in your vehicle this
    includes coats, bags, even empty carrier bags thieves can take
    this as a sign that there s more on offer
  • If you cannot take valuables with you, keep them locked and
    secure in the boot of your vehicle
  • Use visible devices to secure your vehicle this will deter

To contact police in an emergency dial 999.

all non-emergency matters and to contact your local Safer
Neighbourhood Team call 0845 456 4567.

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