Security marking event aims to deter bike thefts in Cromer

7 April 2011

Police in Cromer are urging cycle owners to keep their bikes
properly secured to help prevent and deter bike thefts in the

To help pump start cycle security, a team of officers will be
offering a free cycle marking event next Saturday at Halfords.

The event is being held as part of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams
current priority to reduce cycle thefts in the neighbourhood.

Police Community Support Officer Nathan Jonas said: Cycle
thefts often become more prevalent as the weather improves and we
are taking and encouraging owners to take measures to prevent this
from happening.

One simple measure is to security mark your bike
which we will do for you next weekend.

“People are also encouraged to lock their cycles securely inside
a shed or garage, or store them inside the home at night.

We would
also people to keep an eye on neighbouring properties when occupied
and to report any suspicious activity or vehicles immediately to

By marking your bicycle with your home number and postcode it
makes it less attractive to a thief and makes it easier for police
to reunite the bike back to the owner if it is stolen.

Officers are also advising cycle owners to record and register
the cycles make, model and frame number on,
which is a free online log book, which can help police return
recovered bikes to their rightful owners.

The cycle marking event will take place next Saturday 16
April between 10am and 3pm outside Halfords, along Holt Road,

To deter thieves, cyclists are advised when out and about

  • Change where you leave your bike locked on a regular basis, so
    it won’t be noticed and stolen to order
  • Always lock your cycle, even if you’re only leaving it for a
  • Lock your bike through the frame and secure removable
  • Make the lock or chain hard to manoeuvre when parked
  • Face the lock towards the ground to make it difficult to

At home:

  • Keep your bike out of public view
  • Keep it in a shed, garage or inside the home
  • Secure it to an immovable object for added security.

To speak to a member of your Safer Neighbourhood Team call
0845 456 4567.

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