Supporting local business Loddon in Norfolk

Loddon Farmers Market are starting an initiative to identify the positives and negatives of shopping in Loddon and Chedgrave with a view to addressing the negatives and improving the overall shopping experience.

To quote directly from their latest newsletter –

We are looking for volunteers who live locally who would be willing to commit to shopping locally in Loddon and Chedgrave as far as absolutely possible for one month in January.

If you think you would like to do this and then feed back to us on how you found the experience then please let us know.

This will be such a valuable way to gather information which can be utilised to improve your shopping experience in Loddon and Chedgrave and what a better way than to get it from you the local shopper?

The sort of things we would like to know are:

Did anything surprise you?

What were the negatives and the positives?

Did you spend more than you usually do or less?

It should highlight Loddon and Chedgraves strengths, which we as a community can build on, and any weaknesses which may be able to be addressed to improve your shopping experience in Loddon and Chedgrave, help our businesses and the environment.

If you would like to participate in this positive community initiative, or would like further information, please email Melanie Spelman at loddonmillatmsndotcom

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Supporting local business Loddon in Norfolk

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