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Problems At The Mallards Housing Estate Caister 0

Problems At The Mallards Housing Estate Caister

There is much radio and newspaper coverage about problems at this ongoing development in Caister on sea. Land sinking and cracks appearing etc. Why on earth do people insist on building on flood plains?

Does anybody have experience of what is going on there? Will damage be covered by NHBC ? Similarly, in 2006 the newly built water pumping station in Tewkesbury flooded.

Built on a flood plain…

when will people learn ?

Norfolk gangmaster from Thetford jailed for 18 months for evading … 0

Norfolk gangmaster from Thetford jailed for 18 months for evading …

Sukhninder Singh of Penny Cress Drive, Thetford, at Norwich Court for fraud and tax evasion charges.

By Christine Cunningham 1 Saturday, January 28, 2012 12:34 PM A Norfolk gangmaster who ran a profitable wholesale company supplying herbs grown by Norfolk farmers has been jailed for 18 months for evading more than 350,000 by failing to make any returns for his thriving business, which was said to have a 1.6 million trading profit.

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Unusual RAII from LibVLC 0

Unusual RAII from LibVLC

19:01 Fri 27 Jan 2012 Unusual RAII from LibVLC 1 RAII (Resource Acquisition Is Intialization) is a programming technique recommended in C++ for managing and freeing all kinds of resources, like allocated memory or opened files. It involves creating on the stack (by value) an object of some class that will automatically free contained resources in its destructor, at the end of the scope. That’s how smart pointers work.

Using it is not only needed for exception safety. It generally helps not to forget about freeing resources, like when doing return or break in the middle of the code, as well as not to duplicate this freeing code. When working with LibVLC 2 library, I’ve spotted an interesting RAII-like pattern in its source code.

It is based on a local structure inside a function, which holds resources and frees in its destructor these resources that are already acquired – like this: bool DoLotsOfStuff() struct Resources int* array; FILE* file; ~Resources() if( file ) fclose( file ); if( array ) delete[] array; } resources = 0 ; // Do some startup… if( CheckSomeError() ) return false; resources.array = new int1024; // Do some work… if( CheckSomeError() ) return false; resources.file = fopen( fileName, “rb” ); if( resources.file == NULL ) return false; // Do some more work…

if( CheckSomeError() ) return false; // array is freed and file is closed no matter if control reached here or returned earlier. return true; } Comments (15) 3 | Tags: c++ 4 | Author: Adam Sawicki | Share 5 2013-05-12 19:45:53 I have been seeking this information for a while. After two hours of online browsing, luckily I found it in your site.

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