150 firefighters tackle factory blaze

An fire investigation has been launched after a huge fire broke out in an industrial estate in Lenwade. It has been reported that the fire destroyed equipment worth about 1m.

150 Firefighters from Reepham, Earlham, Carrow, Loddon and Dereham attended the fire in the One Way Circuits unit in Station Road, near Great Witchingham, at around 6.22pm on 27th April. It took around 6 hours to extinguish the blaze.

Reepham fire station watch manager, Phillip Leeder, said: There was a large column of smoke coming from the building as we arrived. We were faced with a severe fire. We couldn t see flames initially but once the roof failed we saw the flames.

It was quite dramatic. They were 20 feet above the building. Our main aim was to stop it spreading.

Police also attended the incident in order to place a cordon around the area due to flammable cylinders on-site and also chemicals in the factory. Richard Lyons, Managing Director of the company said: They were big flames. I drove past the Bernard Matthews site and saw the big black smoke and I thought it wouldn t be good.

By the time I got here the flames were billowing out of the building.

There seemed to be an awful lot of firefighters.

I have never seen so many of them, but they prevented the flames from spreading.

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