Tech tAUk September 15, 2012 Season 4 Premier-acle Edition …

They said it would never happen. Some of them said it should never happen. But Tech tAUk returns to the ATV airwaves for its fourth season!

Check out the teaser ad for this episode1 for a preview!

In what has long been a pre-holiday season ritual, Apple announced the long-anticipated iPhone 52, along with new iPod nano and iPod touch models3 and a new style of Apple s signature earbuds called EarPods.

Douglas and Josh dissect these announcements and share their thoughts on them.

Also on this episode, Douglas and Josh personify this summer s epic legal battle between Apple and Samsung in a Grate Da Bait, the Tech tAUk Gamers look at the latest in gaming news on the Game Zone, and Josh looks at the party platform s mentions of internet freedom and security issues in a new Lip Service Edition of AmeriTech 2012.

In a new segment this season called Are You Sirious?

Josh and Douglas ask a philosophical question to Siri, with interesting results.

And our Viral Video of the Week is probably going to be the Viral Video of the Year, the infamous Gangnam Style4, which we also decided to parody ourselves5.

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