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James Spencer & Co2 s 1infection control3 range of Stalham products continues to gain momentum in a growing number of NHS Trusts across the UK.

Trusts already using the Stalham, a three-in-one-unit that functions as a standalone commode, over-the-toilet mobile sani-chair and shower chair, include Bradford, Sheffield, Newcastle, Sherwood Forest, Tayside and Borders & Medway, with many others expressing serious interest.

The Bradford-based healthcare furniture and equipment manufacturer reports that increasingly large volumes have been sold since the Stalham was first introduced a few years ago.

James Spencer s chairman Richard Spencer said: The Stalham was originally designed and developed in consultation with healthcare professionals4, among them infection control specialists at Sheffield Teaching Hospital, who created a step-by-step dismantling and decontamination guide that is now distributed throughout the trust as an example of best practice.

The range continues to make an increasing impact across both the NHS and UK care homes sectors and is proving a potent tool in helping to both control and reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).

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James Spencer's Stalham range in demand across NHS | Care …

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