Avon & Somerset Constabulary and PCC engage with the community

Our UK office is based in Bristol, and given our business, we are more aware than most people of innovative engagement activities in our area. One organisation consistently impresses us with the way it reaches out to our local community. Avon and Somerset PCC and Constabulary make it easy for citizens in their catchment area to get in touch and have their say on policing and safety issues in the city.

Avon & Somerset Constabulary Police Pod

A&S Constabulary’s ‘Police Pod’ in Bedminster

A&S Constabulary are highly visible in the area.

They regularly set up Police Pods and Cop Shops mobile drop in centres where citizens can call in and discuss crime in their area on a one-to-one basis. Empty shops and mobile offices are used to house these policing surgeries, which are located in high traffic areas, such as supermarket car parks and shopping centres.

A&S Constabulary and PCC use Citizen Space1 to gather opinions on issues such as public order2, police funding3 and the overall policing budget4. The online consultation software allows them to reach a larger group of people than they could with public events or local cop shops.

A&S Constabulary uses Citizen Space

A&S Constabulary uses Citizen Space to engage online

Besides the comprehensive information provided on the Avon & Somerset Constabulary website5, citizens are also able to sign up for email alerts 6about any crime issues that take place in their local area.

Additionally, Avon and Somerset PCC Sue Mounstevens sends out an informative email about local policing issues and priorities.

A&S PCC Sue Mountstevens' regular email bulletin

The organisation also uses Facebook7 and a variety of Twitter8 accounts to engage with people. These channels are used to provide minute by minute updates on crime in the area, plus overall information and news about events. They regularly use hashtags to create conversations around specific topics.

A&S Constabulary on Twitter

Additionally, A&S Constabulary uses YouTube9 to share information about specific crimes and criminal activities.

A&S Police on YouTube

Using these methods, Avon & Somerset Constabulary and PCC are able to reach a wide cross-section of people across their catchment area.

With a mixture of online touchpoints and offline events and drop in opportunities, people of all ages and economic backgrounds can keep abreast of what s happening in the area and keep in touch with the organisation.


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Avon & Somerset Constabulary and PCC engage with the community

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