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On 15th April 2013, I booked to hire a camper van from Motorholme through the ‘Groupon’ voucher system and paid 199 for seven days hire All further dealings were done through directly.

On 21st May I discovered that MOTORHOLME.CO.UK had charged 1310 to my credit card I called them on the numbers on their paperwork but every phone went immediately to answer machine with a message saying they were either on another call or away from the desk but that they would get back to me ASAP. It took them over 24 hours to respond to my request for information.

When they eventually responded, a rather terse, unsympathetic woman, by the name of Lynne Phillips, at first denied them taking the money and then admitted that it was an ‘admin error’ and they’d confused MY reservation number with another customer and charged me for their hire! They promised an immediate refund.

I picked up the van on 23rd May for a week s holiday in Cornwall. (It was returned on Wednesday 29th May)

When I got back from Cornwall I found that they had only refunded 1124 a deficit of 186.

I called them immediately on all numbers I had for the company and left messages as before but it took until the following day to get them to respond.

They told me that the missing 186 were ‘admin fees’ although they were unable to state what they were at that time . I explained that I thought, following my call from Lynne Phillips that I was to receive a full refund . They promised that they would look into it and Lynne would ring me back.

Lynne DID call me back some time later and explained that the 186 were insurance surcharges but had been miscalculated and she would refund them.

On 29th May a further 120 was refunded to my credit card I was STILL deficient of 66.

I went through the call process again and this time got a response from Lynne Phillips on the same day.

Lynne maintained that the 66 was Insurance Surcharges to cover my wife s SP30! I queried this and quoted the email from Emily Keates on 18th May Lynne denied any knowledge of this email and asked me to forward her the email to . I repeated the email address for confirmation and Lynne then told me that if the SP30 did not count against the insurance then it was likely to be 5 per day a total of 35.

After two days there was still no further refund so I requested Lynne call again which she did, advising me that she had not received my email with the copy of Emily Keates response.

Once again I confirmed the email address with her as and asked her to email ME if she did not receive it within 15 minutes.

During this call I queried the fact that they were taking monies from my account without actually having given me any reason in writing for the charges.

She emailed me at 16.15 on 3rd June confirming non-receipt of my email This email was sent from so I sent the email to the CORRECT address.

On 4th June at 00.02 I received an email from Lynne Phillips inviting me to take part in an investment opportunity of a lifetime for 35,000 I declined!

Later that day, at 09.00, I finally received a three-page listing of my statement where the insurance surcharge magically appears as 48.00, not 35 (interesting insomuch as 48 is NOT divisible by seven (the number of hire days), there is also a Surcharge Admin Fee of 7.50 plus an IPT Charge of 9.60 to date no one can tell me what an IPT charge is!

At this point I was ready to admit defeat and let them have the 66 and admitted as much to them.

When I returned the van, it was inspected and I informed the person checking it back in that we had used the gas hob so I was aware that there would be charges for that.

Then on 10th June I discovered that they have taken a further 45 – 30 for propane gas used (A new bottle costs about 30 we used it to make cups of tea twice a day for five days) ANOTHER Admin Surcharge of 7.50 AND a VAT charge of 7.50.

I appreciate that there ARE charges to be applied here and I am more than happy to pay my way if I feel I am being dealt with fairly but, in my opinion, Motorholme are taking my money under false pretences.

To date this company has taken 111 from my credit card under, what I consider to be, less than credible circumstances particularly the 66, although the charge for propane gas IS daylight robbery!

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