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Jun 26, 2013 02:14 PM EDT

Aaron Hernandez arrested and heading to court house for arraignment.

Aaron Hernandez arrested and heading to court house for arraignment. Police cruisers sit in the parking lot of the police station in Attleborough, Massachusetts June 21, 2013. Authorities plan to arrest New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez on suspicion of interfering with a homicide investigation, a police official said on Friday.

An arrest warrant for obstruction of justice has been issued for Hernandez, 23, a tight end and rising star in the National Football League, said the police officer, who requested anonymity(Photo : Twitter) “

New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is at court in Attleboro and is preparing to be arraigned for his involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd and in the court room are his girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins as well as Odin Lloyd’s family.

According to Fox 25 in Boston, the family of the victim is in the courtroom as are Hernandez’s girlfriend and legal team and the charges will be made public at the arraignment and there will also be an argument on bail. Another date will be set at the arraignment and the former Patriots tight end is facing tough issues, as he is now released from the team and could be facing obstruction or murder charges.

Aaron Hernandez arrested and heading to court house for arraignment.

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Hernandez has been involved in the case since the body was found a week ago a mile from his home in an industrial park and he could get serious charges. He is connected to the case through his girlfriend, as her sister dated Lloyd and Hernandez also reportedly was with Lloyd the night of the murder.

The police searched his home repeatedly and looked for evidence and he could be facing trouble after destroying his cell phone and home security system and brought a home cleaning crew to work on his house.

Hernandez recently signed a $40 million extension and now his background is coming into focus, as he got into some issues at Florida and now the Patriots looks a bit foolish for giving him that contract. The team cut him despite a large salary cap penalty and the team can also try and fight the guaranteed money and signing bonus on the deal. Hernandez was one of the top offensive options for Tom Brady and now the team will have to work out on how to move forward.

The team felt it was its best move to make and now his past possible gang connections and drug failures at Florida look pretty bad an it explains why many teams passed over him in the draft.

Lloyd’s family is asking for justice and the police have been acting very deliberately in looking at the evidence and Hernandez could be implicated with serious charges.

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