Hingham police seek man they say assaulted officer

Police Seek Alleged Bronx Robber Who They Say Is Impersonating Officer – 1 week ago @ ny1.com:1 Police are looking for a man they say is robbing people in the Bronx while impersonating a police officer. They’re trying to track down the man seen in the above image.

Police say he picks up victims while driving a livery cab. They say he flashes a … Decatur police say man put a knife to 10-year old girl’s throat

– 1 month ago @ waff.com:2 Decatur police are looking for a man they said threatened a 10-year-old girl with a knife while fleeing police. Lt. John Crouch said a plaincothes officer in an unmarked car tried to pull over Zachary Zikimo Mitchell, 26, last Friday after the officer …

Police looking for man they say inappropriately touched girl in Salem – 5 days ago @ katu.com:3 Police looking for man they say inappropriately touched girl in Salem. A police-artist sketch of the suspect.

SALEM, Ore. Police are asking for helping finding a man they say might have inappropriately touched a 10-year-old girl in Salem earlier this … Dallas Police Say DNA Links Suspect to Rapes

– 1 month ago @ abcnews.go.com:4 Police are searching for a crime watch volunteer who they say has been connected by DNA to at least four sexual assaults in a South Dallas neighborhood in the past two months.

Authorities took Van Dralan Dixson, 38, into custody briefly last week and …


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