Sheringham: “Giggs can break my age record” – SportsDirect News

Former Manchester United striker Teddy Sheringham believes Ryan Giggs can surpass his record and become the oldest outfield player in Premier League history.

Sheringham was 40 years and 270 days old when he last featured in the top flight playing for West Ham United in December 2006.

Giggs, who recently inked a one-year contract extension at Old Trafford, will not break the record unless he continues into the 2014/15 season.

But Sheringham told United s website: Giggsy has still got a couple of years left in him.

I think he would have to play another season on top of next year to beat my record.

You have to be that build I didn’t carry a lot of fat when I was playing and he definitely doesn’t.

He’s kept himself in good shape.”

Excerpt from:
Sheringham: “Giggs can break my age record” – SportsDirect News

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