Sundby Gard Midtre Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre …

Loddon would like to express our thanks to Hanne and her family for their warm hospitality shown at the weekend. Loddon were invited to the opening Sundby Gard Midtre, a new Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre in Maura, Norway. This is the first of its kind in Norway and boasts some state rehabilitation equipment including an ECB Cold Salt Water Spa a non drug therapy renowned for injury prevention and to help speed up the recovery process of injured horses, as well as a Water Treadmill and a Stable Floor that vibrates that helps increase circulation, maintain muscle condition and can detect any underlying problems not detected.

Sundby Gard Midtre, has stables for 48 horses these beautiful stables are from our York Range with traditional hardwood cladding.

They give a stylish and classic look to a beautifully designed barn, built by Daniel Larsson and his Team at

We would like to congratulate Daniel and his team the attention to detail shown on such a large project is outstanding.

Loddon would like to extend the best wishes to all the team that worked so hard over the last week to ensure the Centre was ready to open on 1st September 2013.

Best wishes and good luck for the future.

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