Seatbelt enforcement campaign

01 October 2013

Two-hundred-and twenty-five people were dealt with for
not wearing their seatbelt during a week-long enforcement campaign
held in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Officers from the joint Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Unit
conducted checks on motorists and their passengers throughout the
counties in support of the Europe-wide TISPOL seatbelt enforcement
campaign, running from Monday 9 September to Sunday 15 September

All 225 people were adults 121 in Norfolk received Fixed
Penalty Notices of 100, whilst 104 in Suffolk received a ticket
for failing to wear their seatbelt. All were drivers.

Included in these figures are 125 lorry drivers who were caught
not wearing their seatbelt as part of Operation Wyken. Officers
used an unmarked lorry to patrol dual carriageways, taking video
evidence of offences before the offending vehicle was pulled over
officers in marked cars and on motorbikes for the driver to be
spoken to.

Chief Inspector Chris Spinks said: Not wearing a seatbelt is
one of the Fatal Four driving behaviours that make you more likely
to be killed or seriously injured in a road traffic collision, so I
am disappointed that over 200 people decided not to bother with
their belt.

It is particularly concerning that 125 of those drivers
were behind the wheel of heavy good vehicles on the counties
fastest roads.

Putting on your seatbelt takes seconds and can save your life
in a crash.

As well as risking their lives and the lives of other
road users, those drivers who were caught without their belt on are
100 out of pocket.

The joint Roads Policing Unit patrols Norfolk and Suffolk 365
days a year tackling the Fatal Four not wearing a seatbelt,
speeding, drink driving and driving whilst using a mobile phone.

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