Broads Blog: Control update

Two off duty rangers helped recover a stolen boat following a call from a worried yard owner.

The pair volunteered to search for the drifting private vessel upstream of Wroxham on Wednesday with two boatyard staff. They located it and it was then found to be stolen. The Police and Humber Coastguard were also informed and, as there were no missing person reports, it was agreed that they would monitor the situation while rangers checked the river the following day.

Rangers are now helping police investigate the theft and other offences. A vessel sank near Thorpe last Monday and two operations supervisors attended in a workboat using oil spill booms to deal with the small pollution incident. Rangers also dealt with a drifting boat at West Somerton and assisted a broken down vessel at Wroxham.

In more routine work joint patrols with Environment Agency officers continued in the Thurne area while one ranger attended a meeting of the Upper Thurne Working Group.

Rangers patrolled the system during the weekend by boat and land and have been involved in tree work with volunteers on the Yare, Waveney and Upper Bure.

Training of volunteer rangers continues by the various teams.

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