Concerns raised about Reepham's sports hall plans

Reepham housing plans. CAM Architects.

Reepham housing plans.

CAM Architects.

Kate Scotter1
Monday, November 11, 2013

7:21 PM

Plans for a new sports hall as part of Reepham s development have been generally welcomed – but concerns have been raised about the price the town will have to pay in terms of the impact of the proposed housing scheme.

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Under Broadland District Council s proposals to expand Reepham, the town has been earmarked for between 100 and 200 additional houses.

The preferred site has been identified as land on Whitwell Road, opposite Reepham High School and College, and it has recently emerged that the landowner has offered to build the school a sports hall as part of the development.

Members of the public were tonight given the opportunity to see the plans at a consultation event at the high school and to speak to the architects behind the scheme.

Many people raised concerns about the impact the planned 150 houses would have on the town s infrastructure, especially at the junction of Whitwell Road and Broomhill Lane, although most were sympathetic to the fact that the school s sports hall, where the consultation was held, was inadequate for a school of more than 1,000 pupils.

Others said the houses would be a terrible price to pay for a sports hall that may or may not happen .

Richard Taylor, from nearby village Kerdiston, said: It seems strange that RHSC has such a small sports hall considering it s getting bigger and bigger and I can see the advantage of the school of getting the sports hall.

I can also see the disadvantage of Reepham paying for it by getting the extra houses which I don t think it has got the infrastructure for.

Ros Attridge, 63, from Reepham, added: If the sports hall is going to be mainly used by the school, why should we have to pay for it with all these houses?

It is not yet known how big the sports hall would be but it would not include a swimming pool.

Ian Malton, from CAM Architects, said the town s cemetery would be expanded and the sports hall would be built under a section 106 agreement.

He added: It will happen because it will be drawn up through a legal agreement as part of the planning approval, assuming we get that far.


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Concerns raised about Reepham's sports hall plans

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