Express lift key perks

| Nov 16, 2013 | Comments 012

You get little thanks for serving on an executive committee and even less reward. But, like politicians with travel allowances, the temptation to award yourself little perks is always there.

QUESTION: I recently wondered why I could hear the lift whizzing down past my floor and only returning long after I had pressed the call button.

I have now discovered that members of the executive committee have awarded themselves and their cronies executive keys that take them straight to the exit level without picking up passengers on the way.

I m told it started with EC office-bearers wanting to avoid being accosted by residents in the lifts. But it seems now the privilege has been extended to a few of their more loyal mates on the higher floors.

Before I say more, I m not entirely sure I want to stop this as some (though not all) of the executive key holding cronies are thoroughly nasty pieces of work and I m reluctant to get in the lift with them without a can of pepper spray and a cattle prod.

But is it legal?

And could the EC members easily get it approved if I complained? Tarquin, Eastern Suburbs.

ANSWER: I asked a panel of strata managers and lawyers this at Flat Chat Live a couple of weeks ago.

Their answer was straightforward and unanimous: this is exclusive use of common property admittedly only while they are in the lift and that requires approval by special resolution (75 percent vote) at a general meeting.

Even if they had permission, there should be a fee to cover the cost of the electricity used in the lift taking extra trips up and down.

But seriously, I d wait for your AGM when you can put up a motion asking who in the building has express keys, why they were given them and why there was no exclusive use by-law passed to approve this.

That will give you time to save up for a stab vest to go with your (highly illegal) cattle prod and pepper spray.

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