Give a truly blissful gift this Christmas with a Massage Voucher from …


Are you looking for a treat for your loved ones or friends?

Give a truly blissful gift this Christmas with a massage voucher from Tracy Reeve.

A relaxing massage is the perfect way to have some time to yourself, ease aches and pains and reduce levels of stress. You can relax and drift away in warm, calm surroundings listening to gentle music or unwind in quiet peace.

Working from my private practice in Harleston, South Norfolk, I have been a massage therapist for the last eleven years offering both therapeutic and sports massage.

Our bodies respond to human touch in a way that calms and soothes us, letting tension ease from our muscles and leaving us more relaxed and peaceful. Massage helps to reduce stress by releasing tight muscles, improving circulation and soothing the mind.

Massages can be honed to suit requirements or you can select from:


Mind Unwind – calm your busy brain with a peaceful head and neck massage.

Spine Relaxer – soothe your neck, shoulders and back with a gentle, relaxing massage.

Muscle Melt – a deeper treatment to ease your aches and pains.

Total Meltdown – a full body, deep tissue massage to leave you relaxed from head to toe.

Duration as suits:

45 minutes 26.00

60 minutes 32.00

90 minutes 42.00

About Me

Since qualifying in 2002 I have worked in my private practice providing therapeutic and sports massage as well as working in a Chiropractic Clinic assisting in the healing, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of a variety of physical problems caused by work and sport related injuries, accidents, illnesses and stress-induced tensions.

Muscular strains, tears and tensions causing pain and impeding normal mobility and ranges of movement (whatever the cause) respond well to deep tissue massage. Massage encourages and speeds up the body s ability to repair by releasing tight muscles and increasing the blood supply to them, reducing pain and improving the process of healing and repairing damaged muscle fibre.

Whether treating clients for therapeutic or remedial massage, I do not have a set routine but work with individual requirements to ensure the treatment is tailored specifically to each client. Every client s needs are unique and require an individual treatment plan, which is devised jointly at the initial consultation and constantly reviewed as progress is assessed.

With advice on rehabilitation exercises, stretches and good posture I will help you to heal and maintain your body.

Common complaints that many of us suffer from such as neck, shoulder and back pain, tension headaches and work and sport related injuries can all be relieved and healed. Massage can also help to manage and reduce pain levels of long term conditions such as arthritis, ME, MS, repetitive strain injuries etc.

Tracy provides a very friendly but professional massage service tailored to my specific aches and pains. Hits the spot!

Very happy to recommend.



Ring me to book an appointment or order a gift voucher on 07748 091 953
or email me at TracyReeve@live.com1

or visit my website at www.tracyreeve.com2


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Give a truly blissful gift this Christmas with a Massage Voucher from …

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