Global Sustainability Jam to hit Newcastle

48 hours to come up with a life-changing idea


Newcastle is joining New York, Sidney, London, Rio di Janeiro and 64 other cities to form teams committed, creative students and come up with a brilliant idea to make life simpler for others. Everyone is given the theme for that year and has 48 hours to produce their answer to the topic. This can include a prototype, a presentation or whatever the participants can dream up.

Renowned for gathering psychologists, philosophers, artists, sociologists and engineers (and many others), this event encourages spontaneity and creativity.

ToonSusJam prides itself on being a non-profit organisation with a zany personality.

Pointing out that off-the-wall ideas are often the best, Tiago Silva, Head of Newcastle s Sustainability Jam organisation said: We like crazy people.

Especially since sustainability is not just environmental, but social, political and financial.

Businesses welcome the Jam as it opens up new minds to making their country and the world more efficient and productive. Over the 48 hours of the event, Newcastle will be connecting to Coimbra, Portugal and La Serena, Chile.

It s a family that growing, said Tiago emphasising that there are 68 cities taking part and probably more by next week as a new Jam can be formed within a day of the beginning of the Jam. New, creative and with a good cause behind it, even the organisers aren t sure what craziness will ensue.

The Global Sustainability Jam (GSJ) is happening on Friday 22nd November at 4.30pm.

Each participant pays 5.72 for a ticket and is challenged, fed and entertained over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Google ToonSusJam for more details or visit: www.globalsustainablityjam.org1 for more details.



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Global Sustainability Jam to hit Newcastle

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