manipulate Visual Theatre Festival at Norwich Puppet Theatre 4-8 …

Punch and Judy in Afghanistan, Stuffed Puppet, Fri 7 Feb, 8.30pm & The Power of the Puppet,
Thurs 6 Sat 8 Feb, 10am 5pm
Neville Tranter, whose show Schicklgruber alias Adolf Hitler was a great success at last year s manipulate, returns with his Stuffed Puppet Theatre and a performance of Punch and Judy in Afghanistan on 7 February. Neville goes back to the roots of traditional puppetry, using a booth. Punch and Judy in Afghanistan tells the story of Nigel, a puppeteer, who has come to Afghanistan to entertain the allied troops.

The show preserves the fun and directness of traditional puppet theatre, while exploring a more profound theme: what happens when naivit and cynicism meet? Neville also guides our manipulate masterclass, The Power of the Puppet, where participants will explore the potential of puppetry to create powerful and unique theatrical languages, 6 8 February.

H tel De Rive, Figurentheater Tuebingen, Sat 8 Feb, 7.30pm
Based on four surrealist texts by Alberto Giacometti, Figurentheater Tuebingen (Compagnie Bagages De Sable & Theater Stadelhofen Co- Production) from Germany, explore his unique creative world through the virtuosic manipulation of his figures bought to life through soundscapes music and stone in their UK premiere of H tel De Rive, on 8 February.

It s Such a Beautiful Day, Don Hertzfeldt, Wed 5 Feb, 9pm & Tito on Ice, Max Andersson and Helena Ahonen, Sat 8 Feb, 9pm
As well as visual theatre we also present two animated feature films, as well as our shorts event on 4 February. Don Hertzfeldt s (USA) three short films combine into the seamless, darkly comedic triptych, It s Such a Beautiful Day, about the troubled Bill, a stick figure everyday man, who stoically endures the pain, uncertainty and excruciating beauty of life on 5 February.

Our second feature Tito on Ice, 8 February, follows Swedish comics creators Max Andersson and Lars Sjunnesson as they tour the former Yugoslavia with a mummified Marshal Tito in a fridge, discovering truth may indeed be stranger than fiction.

The film created by Andersson and Helena Ahonen uses a combination of stop-motion animation and documentary scenes, to take viewers on a roller coaster ride through a parallel universe where all borders are crazily disintegrating.

Ticket Prices
Opening Gala: manipulate at The Golden Clementine s 16 / 14 Concessions, Go!

14 / 12 Concessions, The Seas Of Organillo 16 / 14 Concessions, Punch & Judy In Afghanistan 14 / 12 Concessions, H tel De Rive 16 / 14 Concessions, Scratch Event 5

Performance Pass 55 / 45 Concessions (all performances listed above)
The Power Of The Puppet Masterclass 125

Festival Pass 160 / 150 Concessions (all performances listed above and The Power of the Puppet Masterclass), Films 8 / 7 Concessions 1

Waveney River Centre Marina and Holiday Park


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manipulate Visual Theatre Festival at Norwich Puppet Theatre 4-8 …

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