New Portrait of the Danish Royal Family Shocks Royal Watchers …

drf-coaOn Friday, November 15, 2013, Danish artist, Mr. Thomas Kluge, unveiled a new portrait of the Danish royal family entitled, Kongehuset, in connection with the opening of the exhibition, Thomas Kluge: Royal Portraits, at the Amalienborgmuseet in Copenhagen.

The unusual and dare I say incredibly dark portrait has shocked many royal watchers on Twitter. A majority believe that Mr.

Kluge s painting is extremely unflattering and some say that it s downright scary. Controversial neorealism artist Thomas Kluge s portrait of the Danish royal family reminds me of the Addams Family said a Danish man on Twitter. That s awful! said another.

Well, you be the judge.

Click here to view photos1 of the painting. If you are interested click here2 to watch a video interview with Mr. Kluge about the portrait.

Please click here3 to read an article about the portrait (in English).


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