Norfolk Constabulary: Burglars warned to 'keep out'

The PACT van will visit streets where a domestic burglary has occurred

22 November 2013

A new Keep Out campaign is being launched in Breckland to
tackle burglary and help people to make their homes more

The scheme came about after officers in Dereham were looking to
develop a new form of response to prevent burglaries in the area,
resulting in them joining forces with Norfolk PACT (Partners
Against Crime Taskforce) to achieve this aim.

Norfolk PACT is an independent crime reduction charity based at
Norfolk Police Headquarters in Wymondham. They run the Safe and
Secure Scheme operating across the county of Norfolk to help
promote crime prevention and personal safety.

The scheme is designed to reassure victims of crime by target
hardening their property to help prevent them from being a repeat
victim. PACT can send out their van and handyman to carry-out work
including replacing or upgrading door and window locks, fitting
door chains, door viewers or fitting oil tank alarms.

The service is also offered to potentially vulnerable people or
those who are fearful of crime and items such as key safes can be
fitted to allow access by care staff, negating the need to leave
keys under door mats or in other insecure places.

The Breckland Keep Out campaign will see the PACT van sent out
to streets where a domestic burglary has occurred.

When an offence
of burglary has been reported, officers will contact PACT and
arrange a time and date for the van to visit that road.

The neighbouring houses of the burgled property will then
receive a letter informing them when the PACT van will be visiting
and the services that it offers, as well as promoting Home Watch
and Police Direct.

Sgt Dan Frew of Dereham Police said: “With this campaign we aim
to make it harder for criminals to impact on our community and also
provide reassurance to victims and their neighbours.

“We hope that by joining in this initiative with Norfolk PACT we
are sending a clear message to criminals to keep out and I hope
that people will utilise this opportunity so we can target harden
the district street by street, as and when a trigger offence is

“This scheme will be rolled out across the Breckland district
and although it may be perceived as a reactive initiative, it will
work to proactively prevent both repeat offences and any
neighbouring properties from becoming victims of crime.

Peter Burnham, Chief Executive of Norfolk PACT, added: “We are
delighted to assist the police with this initiative and do what we
can to prevent and reduce crime.

“Our staff are keen to provide practical advice and support to
help people to keep themselves and their property safe.

The launch coincides with a national ACPO week of action, In
Focus: Burglary , which aims to raise awareness of the issues
around burglary and handling stolen goods and reinforce crime
reduction advice to help prevent people becoming victims of

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