Norfolk Constabulary: Vans targetted in Norwich

28 November 2013

Police in Norwich are urging motorists to be vigilant as thieves
target vans and 4x4s for catalytic converters.

Several incidents have been reported in the west of the city
prompting a warning to drivers to be vigilant and report any
incidents of suspicious activity.

A Mercedes Sprinter van parked on Hudson Way was targeted by
thieves between Sunday and early hours this morning.

Overnight on Monday a catalytic converter was taken from a
Mercedes Sprinter van in Godric Place.

The same style van was also
targeted in Draper Way, in Bowthorpe, over the weekend.

Officers are urging people to be vigilant and to call police if
they witness anyone acting suspiciously around vehicles,
particularly around vans and pick-up trucks.

Superintendent Dave Marshall, Norwich Policing Commander, said:
“Catalytic converters are prime targets for thieves because they
contain premium metals platinum and rhodium.

“A number of drivers will have taken advantage of marking days
offered by police, making it harder for thieves to dispose of at
scrap or metal sites who we work closely with.

“I would urge drivers of van, especially Mercedes Sprinters
which appear to be a prime target, to be vigilant and take sensible

Crime prevention tips include:

  • Private vehicles should be kept in a well-secured garage where
    possible, and if no garage is available, in a well-lit, public
  • Vehicles can be parked in such a way as to make access to the
    catalytic converter difficult, or parallel with another vehicle if
    you own one.
  • Commercial vehicles should also be kept in a locked building or
  • Use alarms, lighting and CCTV to deter thieves.
  • Mark your catalytic converter – etching the part and spraying
    with heat-resistant paint.

Contact your local crime reduction officer on
101 for more information.

Anyone with information about any of the incidents should
contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers
anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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