Norfolk police cars go back to black and white


The Norfolk, Nebraska Police Division has updated the look of its fleet on the street. Norfolk Police Chief Bill Mizner said the ongoing process of re-branding the police cruisers to traditional black and white squad cars, started with a recommendation from members of his force. It also came about because the color of the blue used on previous cars shipped by the manufacturer have varied over the years.

“Well, a couple of years ago, we were talking about some upcoming changes we were contemplating for the police division, and one of our younger officers asked the question, “Hey Chief, could we consider going to black and white cruisers?” Currently we had all blue cruisers, and I said yeah, we can look at it,” said Chief Bill Mizner. Mizner also said the black and white paint job allowed crews to integrate the City of Norfolk’s new unified logo into the design. The cruisers also feature low-profile, high output, LED light bars with three varying light patterns.

Norfolk Police phase three cruisers into service each year, so Mizner said it would take several years to update the entire fleet to match.

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