Patients in west Norfolk to benefit from new and improved clinics …


People in west Norfolk will soon be able to access modern clinics closer to home, thanks to a partnership between two NHS Trusts and a hospital s league of friends.

Swaffham Community Hospital, which is run by Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust (NCH&C) and is currently celebrating its 125 anniversary, has recently seen the installation of a brand new ultrasound machine. The first patients will benefit from the new kit when clinics are held tomorrow (Wednesday, November 13).

Patients will also soon be able to access x-ray diagnostic clinics at the hospital, when modern, computerised image processing equipment is installed in the New Year. The x-ray clinic will be run by NCH&C in partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital King s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust (QEH), while the ultrasound clinics, which are already offered at the hospital, will continue to be led by QEH staff.

The new kit has been largely funded by the hospital s League of Friends, who put forward 50k to fund the purchase of the new ultrasound machine, which has been gifted to the hospital.

The x-ray equipment has been part funded by the League of Friends, with a 10k donation matched by NCH&C s Charitable Funds, in addition to 16k from the Trust s investment programme.

The x-ray project, totalling just under 40k, has seen the existing, disused x-ray clinic renovated and the construction of patient changing cubicles, ahead of the installation of the new computerised equipment in the coming months.

When it arrives, it will herald the return of the hospital s x-ray clinic, which was previously offered at the hospital for around 15 years. It was temporarily closed in 2012 as the wet film processing equipment which was used had become increasingly outdated and difficult to repair.

The new computerised processor will mean the equipment will be quicker and the images will be of a higher quality than ever before.

Michael Scott, NCH&C s Chief Executive, said: This move is a fantastic example of NHS Trusts working closely together and with members of the community to bring about important improvements for patients.

The Friends have been incredibly generous and supportive and we are delighted that, by working in partnership, we will soon be able to offer patients access to even more care closer to their homes.

David Gulliver, Chair of Swaffham Community Hospital s League of Friends, said: The hospital is incredibly important to the local community so I am really pleased that we have been able to help improve its facilities. People are always very generous in donating to the Friends and I am confident that this investment, alongside the NHS, will bring benefits to patients for years to come.

Dan Rose, Clinical Director at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital King s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust, said: We are very grateful for the generosity of the League of Friends, and the hard work that has gone into this development.

This will allow us to continue to provide an Ultrasound service for local patients using the latest equipment.


The ultrasound clinic is already offered at Swaffham Community Hospital and is run by staff from Queen Elizabeth Hospital King s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust (QEH).

The new kit will mean the clinic will benefit from using brand new equipment.
The x-ray clinic has been temporarily closed since early 2012, but is expected to return in early 2014, when new equipment is installed.

The clinic will be run in partnership between Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust and QEH.


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Patients in west Norfolk to benefit from new and improved clinics …

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