PM hails the Commonwealth, recalls links with the Royal family …

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat spoke of the Commonwealth as a unifying factor among a family of nations when he spoke in Sri Lanka in an event forming part of the heads of government summit.

“If the United Nations is the father of the modern world, I think we can describe the Commonwealth as and I hope your Royal Highness will excuse me for introducing this term the grandfather. By George there s nothing wrong with being a grandfather being respected for your wisdom, experience and achievements,” Dr Muscat told the Prince of Wales in a reference to his newborn grandson George.

“I should say to your Royal Highness that your own grandfather has a special place in the hearts of the Maltese. It was he who awarded the George Cross for bravery to our island in the darks hours of the Second World War.

Later, your parents, the then Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, were to begin their married life living in Malta.

“I know other countries have similar stories of their relationship with the Royal Family and there is no doubt that Her Majesty and you have proved to be the glue uniting us all.

We rest assured that through your son and grandson the Commonwealth will be in good hands for generations to come,” Dr Muscat said.

Dr Muscat also attended the heads of government’s traditional ‘retreat’ where he had talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron and new Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (pictures below)

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