Royal Mail Design a Christmas Stamp Slogans

Royal Mail’s slogan postmarks for the Design a Stamp Competition finalists are recorded in two earlier posts: first half1 and second half2. The latest discoveries are so surprising as to warrant a separate blog post (though the previous posts will be updated also).

We understood that the two finalists from Wales would be marked on firstly an English-language postmark and then a Welsh-language postmark which would be applied at all capable mailing centres on mail sent to addresses in Wales. Imagine my surprise, therefore to be given examples addressed to Norwich!

Jayden Roberts
+ Nicola Murphy
o Gymru
rhestr fer Cystadleuaeth
Dylunic Stamp Nadolig y
Post Brenhinol

Sheffield Mail Centre 29.10.13 06:56 pm

Nottingham Mail Centre (scene of so many errors!) 04.11.13 06:44 pm

Bath Bristol Taunton MC 04.11.13 ?09:06pm

On the lower one the down-stroke of the R in NR7 has failed to write, so interpreting this as NP7 (Newport Mon) seems likely.

But the other two are clearer.

The bar-codes are different on all three.


  1. ^ first half (
  2. ^ second half (

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Royal Mail Design a Christmas Stamp Slogans

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