TIW FARB gel self defence spray with belt pouch

TIW FARB gel self defence spray with belt pouch

  • Due to Royal Mail restrictions can be ordered to MAINLAND UK ONLY all other orders will be cancelled.
  • The UK legal equivalent of Mace/Pepper Spray. 100% UK Legal!
  • Small and discreet at only 85 x 34mm
  • Disorientates and stains skin and clothing for several days
  • Peace of mind for partners, parents and those who care.

With crime on the rise, we are constantly having to look for alternative protection for ourselves and the family. Now you can fight back with FARB GEL SPRAY. Farb defense spray is compact and 100% UK legal. The defense spray is perfect for Students, shop owners, travelers, joggers, taxi drivers, nurses and other health care workers, neighborhood wardens, walkers, bikers, hikers and anyone who wants extra protection.
Exclusive to MC Products we can now offer the TIW FARB spray complete with a webbing holder to make sure it is always in reach on your belt when you need it most. The back of the pouch features a belt loop that is suitable for all belts up to 2 inches wide.
How to use FarbGel Spray.
Press top to release a spray of red gel onto the attackers face or clothing, this gives you vital seconds to escape. The Farb Gel will dye the assailants face and clothes for up to SEVEN days no matter how hard they try to wash and remove it. Farb Gel is eye safe and will leave no lasting or permanent damage to an attackers eyes.
Farb Gel Spray should only be used in an emergency, MC Products

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TIW FARB gel self defence spray with belt pouch

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