Woman hurt after attack on bus

19 November 2013

A passenger suffered cuts to her face after a glass bottle was
thrown at the bus she was travelling on in Norwich, smashing a

The incident happened on Friday 15 November at about 8.15pm as
the number 22 First bus travelled along Bussey Road in Catton

Suspect(s) threw a bottle at the side of the bus, shattering a
window and injuring a 21-year-old woman who suffered cuts above her
left eye.

It comes as police investigate similar incidents in the area
over the weekend where objects were thrown at vehicles, prompting
an increase in patrols.

On Saturday 16 November a large stone was thrown at a Toyota
Avensis travelling on Mile Cross Lane towards Sprowston. It
happened close to the junction of Harmer Road on the edge of the
Fiddlewood estate and the stone shattered the front passenger
window causing the driver, who was in the car with his wife and
baby, to swerve. No one was injured.

A third incident happened on Sunday 17 November at about 5.45pm
as a double decker bus travelled on Mile Cross Lane in Catton
Grove, near to the speed camera, when an object was thrown at the
vehicle causing a nearside window to smash.

Again, no one was

Local policing commander, Inspector Nik Hewitt, said: Throwing
objects at vehicles puts the driver, passengers and other road
users in danger.

It s fortunate the bus passenger didn t suffer more serious
injuries while the incident involving the Toyota could have had
very serious consequences.

This reckless behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone found
committing such an offence can expect robust action from police and
I would urge anyone with information about those involved to come

Three teenage boys, aged between 13 and 15, have been arrested
in connection with the incident and released on bail while
enquiries continue.

Officers would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed
the incidents or noticed people acting suspiciously in the areas

Contact the Norwich North Safer Neighbourhood Team on
101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on
0800 555 111.

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