Health watchdog calls for improvements at Attleborough mental …

Adam Gretton1
Saturday, February 15, 2014

2:07 PM

Bosses at a private hospital for young people with mental health problems have been ordered to take action to improve by the health regulator.

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Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) visited Oakview Hospital, in Attleborough, in December and found the facility to be failing in four out of seven areas. The regulator has told Danshell, the owner and operator of the Ellingham Road building, to take action to improve the safety and suitability of the hospital and raise staffing levels. CQC inspectors added that the unit was failing in the care and welfare of people who use services at Oakview Hospital.

The provider has been asked to put together an action plan to improve. The hospital provides services for up to 25 young people who may have been sectioned under the mental health act. CQC inspectors said work had started to refurbish Oakview Hospital and improve facilities.

However, the site was still poorly maintained and the security arrangements do not fully meet the full needs of all of the young people. The CQC added that there were a number of nursing vacancies at the site. A spokesman for Danshell, which owns Oakview Hospital, said: We are continuing with an extensive programme of refurbishment and improvements to the premises and involving the patients in this process.

We are pleased to say that all our patient records are now electronic and are enhanced by additional personalised information that supports patient s involvement in their care and treatment.

New additions to the nursing and care support team have now taken up post and we are still adding to our staff base to increase and improve the nursing and support we offer.


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