Hingham: TD Bank robbed, police searching for suspect

Hingham police have a very clear picture of a face, a face belonging to the man who robbed the T-D Bank on Route 3-A yesterday.

In this case, the suspect didn t really disguise his face too much. He did have a hooded sweatshirt, and it was down, Hingham Police Sergeant Steven Dearth said. He had a baseball hat on.

Those pictures are pretty clear of his face.

Obviously the hope is the photos will circulate, someone will recognize him, and notify us.

Dearth says it happened right around 11:30 in a pretty active area right around the Hingham Shipyard and Stodder s Neck.

He may have had light blue pants on, similar to hospital scrubs.

So if anyone happened to be around that area at 11:30 that saw a person walking up towards Stodder s Neck with hospital scrubs on with a hooded sweatshirt and a white Red Sox baseball cap on, we d certainly love to know any other information they can provide.

You can look at pictures of the robber on our website, 959watd.com.

Hingham Bank Robbery Hingham Bank Robbery Hingham Bank Robbery Hingham Bank Robbery

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