News – Administrators pull plug on Solus Norwich depot

Published on 23 – June – 2014

Administrators pull plug on Solus Norwich depot

Administrators at Solus have announced that a second distribution centre is to close, with the likely loss of more jobs.
The Rackheath, Norwich depot will cease operations next month, its fate matching that of the Edinburgh regional distribution centre1 (RDC), which is due to shut in the next few days.

The loss-making garden and leisure wholesaler brought in administrators2 from PwC on May 15. A week later 91 staff were made redundant from head office and following the closure of Solus’ Tipton and West Bromwich warehouses.
Four of the job losses were in Edinburgh and 13 at Norwich.

There are currently 14 employees at the Edinburgh centre and 19 employees at Norwich.
In a statement, PwC said: “PwC can now confirm that having further reviewed the ongoing requirements of the business, regrettably the Norwich RDC will close during July 2014. Solus will continue to seek to serve customers in the region but this will be done from the Midlands in future, and customers affected by this change are being contacted by the company to confirm ongoing arrangements.

“As the Edinburgh and Norwich RDCs are closing, further redundancies are likely. The administrators are consulting and working closely with employees affected by the closure to ensure they receive the support they need during this time.
“All staff at the company have been briefed and the administrators will work closely with them over the coming weeks as the business continues to operate as normal.”

Tony Barrell, joint administrator and director at PwC said: “We would like to thank the employees for the continued support they’ve provided to the company during this difficult period and we will do everything we can to support them in the forthcoming weeks.
“Their contribution has helped us to get the business into as normal state as is possible. As a result, the company is trading well, with a good level of sales due to the support of suppliers and customers who are continuing to order and pay for product.”

Throughout the administration process the administrators have remained confident of achieving a sale of Solus.


11/07/2014 17:12:00

By Holly
Just remember folks it is only your jobs that are redundant and not YOU ,look to the future and new beginnings .

03/07/2014 01:24:00

By pj
what a bummer.

02/07/2014 06:45:00

rackheath closure
By mr me
we all hope that within the next six months solus droitwich goes to the wall as well see how they like it

29/06/2014 20:38:00

An Adult
By Ekim Nayr
I take it An Adult is not your real name. You are probably one of the few clinging on to a job. Moaning about losing your job who would have thought people could be so stupid!!!

It’s more about moaning about the idiots that caused this and are still in place. You should concentrate on yourself staying in position rather than criticize others .

27/06/2014 17:25:00

re Bore Fest
By another adult
“By An adult
Time to grow up and move on with your lives, all this anonymous moaning got boring a long long time ago.”

hhhmmm, isn’t this a moan from an anonymous poster; Pot…kettle…black

27/06/2014 15:19:00

An adult
By Charlie
Anonymous moaning and yet you don’t put down your name.

26/06/2014 18:17:00

Bore Fest
By An adult
Time to grow up and move on with your lives, all this anonymous moaning got boring a long long time ago.

25/06/2014 13:10:00

I’m ok
By neve stewman
Yeah an his right hand man at Droitwich

24/06/2014 16:22:00

By Mike Ryan
It was me but do not worry because I will be okay. Giruy!!!!

24/06/2014 14:50:00

By Mr Z
They shut the Rackheath depot because the prospective new buyers don’t want it in their plans and they don’t want to be taking on the contracts of the Rackheath Staff so they get somebody else to cut them instead – doesn’t make the new buyers look bad in the marketplace.

Why move all the stock from Edinburgh to Rackheath 10 days ago at what cost to then close Rackheath to then have to move the same stock to the Midlands. New buyers influence !!! The Midlands depots will also be gone soon, when the new buyers come in and decide they don’t need Hunnington & Droitwich.
They will just need somebody to shift the stock and then they will retain people with the brand knowledge.
Watch out for more big cuts before the new buyers take over.

They won’t want to carryover 100 employees contracts over as they have people who already do the same jobs at their depots. They can then look squeaky clean as the Administrators will have done all the culling.
Solus will be gone very very soon and the idiots who took it to this point will be looked after.

24/06/2014 11:31:00

Solus / rackheath
By Mr X
Now let’s see the midlands depot screw it up totally !!!!
They are shutting the best depot !!!! TWATS does not edit comments which are submitted directly by our users to express their own views.

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