Celeb Rumor Fix: Floyd Mayweather Ups Security After T.I.

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Floyd TIFloyd TI

Sources say that boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has beefed up his security detail amid fears of a retaliation by rapper, T.I. Mayweather has found himself in T.I.

s sights after calling his former friend a b*tch and seemingly alleging that he slept with T.I. s wife, Tiny. Mayweather is reported to have claimed, I was f*cking his b*tch.

Money maker gonna make it do what it do, baby.

However, Mayweather was quick to deny that he said such a thing, with many believing the boxer is afraid that T.I. will react. While there are those who feel that T.I.

has distanced himself from the streets to concentrate on his family and music career, there are many who say that is far from the truth, and Mayweather has good reason to look over his shoulder

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