Global patent attorney moves onto Norwich …

Dutch patent and TM attorney, Novagraaf, has moved onto the Norwich Research Park with its international practice. It is the first tenant to move into the park s new hub building Centrum, which is to be officially opened later this month.

Novagraaf is an international patent and trademark consultancy that advises clients on Intellectual Property strategy and management. While its head office is in the Netherlands it operates globally.

Dr Peter Wilson of Novagraaf says that he has seen an increase in entrepreneurial activity across the Norwich Research Park and regards it as a focal point not only for the growing life sciences sector but also for innovative businesses across the region.

We are seeing a growth of innovation across Norfolk particularly within life sciences, engineering, food research and the energy sectors.

This is creating new business opportunities and is a good indicator of future prosperity for the local economy.

For smaller companies, IP can be their only asset, so advice on managing this and developing an IP strategy that matches their commercial objectives is very important.

My colleague Dr Oliver Harris and I have both worked at research institutes on the Park so we understand the requirements of knowledge-based businesses. In addition, our managing director, Tracey Cooke, was previously assistant general counsel, patents, at GlaxoSmithKline so can advise on what big pharma is looking for in new products.

This provides smaller organisations with invaluable insights into how to make an attractive offer to potential partners and customers.

Dr Harris adds: We look to provide long-term strategic support to our clients, and our network of contacts across the world can assist those who are involved in international negotiations or trying to protect their IP in new territories.

Centrum is the new hub building located at the heart of Norwich Research Park. Centrum s two upper floors provide customisable laboratory and office suites on flexible lease terms ideal for growing companies who wish to enjoy the benefits of being located alongside the innovative businesses and cutting edge research institutes already located at the park.

The ground floor is home to impressive meeting, networking and event facilities as well as a 140 seat contemporary restaurant and caf which is open to both Park residents and visitors alike.

Dr Sally Ann Forsyth CEO of the Norwich Research Park says that Novagraaf will be a big asset to the Park.

She adds: The East of England has found that creating clusters of organisations and businesses with shared interests builds momentum in an industry sector.

The Norwich Research Park is well placed to support the growing life sciences sector with world-class research across the academic Park partners and businesses.

It provides infrastructure in terms of meeting space and fast IT networking and access to specialist equipment and skills.

Professional advisors are a vital part of this mix and it is excellent that an international company such as Novagraaf sees the potential that Norwich Research Park offers.

Pictured (left to right): Dr Peter Wilson, Patent Attorney, Novagraaf, Dr Oliver Harris, Patent Attorney, Novagraaf and Jonathan Barnard, Estates Manager, Norwich Research Park.

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Global patent attorney moves onto Norwich …

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