LCMS and Bendigo Police discuss joining forces

Ms Cummings and the officers discussed the changing face of multicultural Bendigo and issues within the broader community.

Ms Cummings then went on to outline the approach LCMS takes towards building a harmonious and diverse community.

We offer many services to support the multicultural community to assist them to transition into Australian life and have every opportunity made available but the most important thing we do is educate.

We work with the broader community to build understanding, trust and goodwill. Children are the future of our country and so we have a particular focus on delivering programs that support the development of intercultural understanding. She said

Victoria Police has a strong stance on cultural acceptance and strives to promote a positive and harmonious relationship with people of all backgrounds and faith.

They are committed to the understanding of new and emerging multicultural communities such as those in Bendigo.

They seek to provide the best possible service to all members of the community, regardless of culture, faith, gender or background.

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