Nearly 1 Million pounds in 6 months!

We re all very proud of our group over here at BNI Wensum, and each member knows the value of being part of the group, however, we like facts and figures of our success.

For example, in the last month alone, we have generated 183 referrals between us, which brings our annual count to 2,203 referrals as a group.

All these referrals have contributed to a 6 monthly turnover of 979,667 and an annual turnover of 1,784,487!

Break this down over the 20 members we have and that s an impressive 89,224 worth of business per head!

And we think you ll agree that that is an amazing ROI on being a member of our group.

To get in on the action, come along to one of our visitor open meetings and see what being part of our group can do for your business bottom line.

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Nearly 1 Million pounds in 6 months! | BNI Fakenham

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