Breckland set to levy bin charge for new homes …

By Amy North

A proposal to introduce charges for the provision of wheeled bins for waste and recycling collections to new homes was approved by Breckland district council s Cabinet yesterday (May 8) and will now go to full council for ratification.

The Norfolk-based council is looking to introduce the charges for wheeled bins to new properties from June 1 2012 in a bid to save 30,000 from its 2012/13 budget. The council said the charges will not affect existing properties.


The decision will now be passed for approval by the whole council which will meet on May 24 to discuss the proposals. The council, on which the Conservatives have a large majority, said it would look to recover the costs from the property developers but if the developers refuse to pay, then the new occupants could be landed with the bill.

At present, the council said that charges to replace damaged or stolen bins will not be introduced.

Breckland council's Cabinet has approved plans to charge for supplying wheeled bins to new properties: the full council will now have the final say Breckland council’s Cabinet has approved plans to charge for supplying wheeled bins to new properties: the full council will now have the final say

Commenting on the charges a spokeswoman for the council said: This new policy approved by cabinet yesterday only applies to the first set of bins provided to new housing in Breckland, and we anticipate that in almost all instances the developers will pay the cost. This is a one-off charge and, if a household s bin is stolen or irrevocably damaged the council will provide a replacement bin for free, no matter whether it is an old or new house.


Breckland, one of England’s largest rural authorities in terms of land area, is centred round the five market towns of Attleborough, Dereham, Swaffham, Thetford and Watton. The largest of these is Thetford with a population of over 21,000 and the smallest Watton with a population of just over 6,000.I f approved, the council said the policy will apply to the whole district however under the local development framework the majority of new housing has been allocated to Thetford and Attleborough.

The council said this type of policy is becoming more common as councils try to recoup costs and to contribute to maintaining existing frontline services.

Lynda Turner, executive member for localism, community and environmental services at the council, said: Providing new bins to new homes is costly and, in the face of a substantially reduced settlement from central government, we are having to look carefully at everything we do in order to find savings.

This measure is one of the ways in which the council is working to reduce costs and generate income in order to continue protecting valued front line services to residents.


A report on the subject was circulated to the council s overview and scrutiny committee on April 26 the committee approved the idea of charges and the policy moved to the Cabinet for discussion. The report noted that that for the garden waste service, householders were charged an annual fee of 38 for a 240 litre brown wheeled bin which is collected on a fortnightly basis.

The report also gave details of the charges for the provision of wheeled bins used for the collection of dry recyclables and residual waste. It states that for two standard 240 litre wheeled bins a cost of 62 would be incurred.

The cost includes the wheeled bin, administration and delivery.

However properties, such as flats, requiring larger bins would face a charge of up to 163 which is applied to a 1100 litre bin.

Waste and recycling collections in Breckland operate on an alternate weekly schedule with residual waste being collected in a green wheeled bin one week, and recyclables which includes paper, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles the next.

Breckland set to levy bin charge for new homes …

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