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Carers Help Event

Dear Friends and Colleagues

We are in the process of organising another Carers Help event to support Older Peoples Awareness Week , this year at the Norwich Forum on Monday 6th October 2014. The official time is 10.00am till 3.00pm, although you would be able to come in anytime from 8.15 to set up and start helping early visitors.

We call it a Carers Help event, but all our Carers Help events are for carers, the cared for, ex-carers, older people, the lonely, and the vulnerable.

If you would like to take part, please email your request for either a half or a full table, drinks and light refreshments will be available.

Although the Forum is a big place, we can only provide for so many tables, for that reason, if you are able to manage a half table, please do so.

Our thanks go to all who have supported us and taken part in events during 2014. With the feed-back we have received, a lot of people have gained from the wonderful care, help and support you have given them.

We need your help to do the same for even more people.

Regards and best wishes


Carers Help Event

To find out more about Lowestoft College ring 0800 854695



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Carers Help Event, Mon 6th October, Norwich Forum – IceniPost

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