Hedler DX15 HMI Daylight Lamp Head with Matt Safety Glass

  • HMI Flicker-Free
  • Convection cooled, no fan
  • Built-in ballast
  • for stills photography and video
  • 150Watt HMI, equivalent to 650 watt tungsten, 6000 hours lamp life

The new Hedler DX15 Continuous Halogen Light produces continuous daylight. The Hedler DX15 has no fan and so is perfect for sound recordings! With its metal-halogen lamp 150w/SE it produces a flicker-free light with approx. 5800 Kelvin. Special feature: the built-in Electronic Ballast with fault recognition for the lamp.

Designed for professional use, the lamp has an average lifetime of approx. 6,000 operating hours, the Electronic Ballast of approx. 60,000 operating hours! The Hedler DX15 lamp produces a continuous light output power that equates to a 600 Watts standard Tungsten halogen lamp. The unit produces a cool light beam, important for product shots and pleasing for people in front of your camera!

Size 160x165x180mm
Weight (g) 2350
No. of heads 1
Wattage 600w
Fitting type Hedler Quick-Fit
Power source 230-250v/50-60Hz

Clear safety glass
Metal halogen lamp 150w
U-Bracket with Quick-Lock Light Stand Attachment 5/8 inch
Built-in Electronic Ballast
Quick-Fit Adapter for Hedler reflectors …Contact us if you need more help.

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Hedler DX15 HMI Daylight Lamp Head with Matt Safety Glass

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