Security Double Beam Active Infrared Sensor Detector

  • Product Name: Active Infrared Motion Detector
  • Type: Double Beam. Response Speed: 50~700m/sec. Contact Capacity AC DC 30V 0.5A max.
  • Install Distance(Max.): Outdoor: 80m,Indoor: 240m. Alarm Output: Transmit Contact Output 1C
  • Survey Way: Lights Covered At The Same Time. Light Source: Infrared LED
  • Package Content: 1 Pair x Active Infrared Detector, 1 x English Usage Manual, 1 Bag x Install Tools
  • This is a pair of Active Infrared Detector. Install them at the opposite positions. Then there is a infrared area between these two detector parts. When someone passes the infrared region for an adjusted response time, the detector will send alarm signal to the security alarm host (which not included here).
  • Install Distance(Max.)in the above chart means the maximum install distance between these two detector parts.
  • Some red and green LED indicator lights are fixed.
  • Great to be installed for security system in school, office building, hosipital, home yard, etc.
  • An English Usage Manual included in the pack. It will give you detailed instructions.

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Security Double Beam Active Infrared Sensor Detector

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