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Extra reward for lifeboat company’s long-serving staff

The dedication of long-serving staff at Great Yarmouth-based lifeboat capsule company Survival Systems International UK (SSI) has prompted managers to introduce a new reward scheme for loyalty.

“We were increasingly aware of the large number of employees who have devoted much of their working life to us and thought it was time we did something to recognise it, said George Teece, SSI s vice-president Eastern Hemisphere operations.

Depending on length of service, the lucky employees will be awarded vouchers worth from 250 to 1500.

They will also have holidays extended.

“its encouragement for them and also an incentive for new people joining us,” said Mr Teece. ” We work a lot with the oil & gas industry where everyone seems to be on the move and we want to show our appreciation at the support we get from our team.

“Loyalty payments used to be quite common but are seen less often now.

So, in days where skills and expertise are in short supply we are grateful to those who give us all that experience,” said Mr Teece, himself a long-serving member of SSI.

The rewards will be handed out as employees reach a key milestone in their length of service.

Working alongside its American owners, SSI manufactures, maintains and inspects lifeboats to meet demanding emergency evacuation requirements for cruise liners, offshore installations and the shipping industry.

For more information contact Margaret Jessop, SSI business development manager, 01493 659411

Release issued in behalf of SSI by Roy Strowger, TMS Media, 01493 662929

Caption: 130 years between them – some of the loyal team at SSI (l to r): Robbie Angel, Chris Bailey, Alan Fuller, Mike Mills, Jim McLoughlin, Scott Yarham, Bob Gray and George Teece.

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