Norfolk police: 82 vehicles stolen in 6 weeks

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) Over the last month and a half, police say 82 vehicles were stolen and 373 larcenies from vehicles were reported in Norfolk.

All of the incidents happened since March 1. Most of the vehicle thefts happened while vehicles were left running unattended or when keys were left inside, police said. The larcenies happened primarily in vehicles that were left unlocked.

Rochelle Gordon said she left her car unlocked one time, and that was the day someone broke into it.

I had some little TVs in the back of the headrests for my grand kids to look at when we re driving, going down the street, she said.

They took that out and just ransacked everything, messed up my CD player and radio It scared me, it really did.

I didn t know what to do.

Police hope stories like hers will serve as a warning to others.

That s very serious because it could be your house next, Gordon said.

Both of them are crimes of opportunity, and you have to take away the opportunity for the crime not to occur We just want to educate people to say, hey, let s take care of our stuff, take that extra second to lock our stuff away, and to not become a victim,’ Officer Daniel Hudson said.

Hudson said the problem is city-wide.

Police review stolen auto sheets before they hit the streets, and in some cases can use license plate readers to try to track down the cars.

During the same time period last year, police figures show officers had 84 reports of stolen vehicles and 366 reports of car larcenies.

Police are still trying to figure out if any of the cases from this year are connected.

For more information about stolen auto safety tips, call Crime Prevention Officers at 757-664-6901.

For more information regarding crime in your neighborhood, visit Crime View Community at

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