76cm x 2 Metre Clear Safety & Security Window Film (Anti Shatter Glass Protection)

  • Professional Quality from the Active Film Range, Includes full comprehensive fitting instructions. Handy size roll, with a 10 years warranty.
  • 100 Micron Clear Film Conforms to BS6202 Class B (the same as safety glass)
  • Optically clear film will hold glass together in the event of vandalism, smash and grab raids and break-ins
  • Self adhesive, so no messy glue needed. Easy to install with basic tools.
  • Full instruction’s provided, Free fitting support.

This is a self adhesive safety window film and a security window film. The film is completely clear and can be installed to bring your glazing up to British Standard BS6202 class B (BS EN 12600) which is in line with Health and Safety in the Workplace 1992 Regulation 14. The safety film brings glass to the same standard as safety glass and helps to protect occupants from injury and even death caused by flying shards of glass when a window is smashed. The film is also a security film helping to strengthen the glazing. When installed to glass that is already toughened or laminated it can help to repel attacks by bricks, bats and other materials. The security window film isn’t designed to offer a “no way through” protection system but it will hold off attacks and in many cases this is enough to deter most burglars. The film is completely clear to the eye, has a scratch resistant coating and comes with ten years warranty. INSTALLATION: The film is fitted using a solution of one pint of water to one teaspoon of Johnsons baby shampoo or washing up liquid, a sharp knife, glass scraper, squeegee and some lint free cloth.

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76cm x 2 Metre Clear Safety & Security Window Film (Anti Shatter Glass Protection)

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