McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security 2015

  • Keep viruses and online threats at bay
  • Safer internet use for your family
  • Network management
  • Protects your all your devices
  • Includes Cloud Storage

Not a CD-ROM, this is a licence key. Internet and virus protection for your PC, Mac and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Keep viruses and online threats at bay You’ll be able to maintain solid security for your devices against the latest malware, viruses and other online threats with this McAfee software. The software safeguards all the PCs and Macs you own, as well as smartphones and tablet running Android and iOS operating systems for one year. You can manage all these devices from one place, and new devices can be added quickly and simply. Enjoy safer internet surfing, online shopping, searches and online banking, and block out annoying spam and potentially harmful emails with LiveSafe 2015. Safer internet use for your family You’ll be able to keep threats away from your household’s internet experience with McAfee LiveSafe 2015. Inappropriate sites are blocked to ensure that your children stay safe online, and you can set time limits on internet usage, checking which sites your kids have been on thanks to a detailed usage report. Stay in control of your home WiFi network at all times. McAfee LiveSafe 2015 monitors your home network even when you’re not there, stopping unknown devices from using your WiFi setup. You’ll even have the facility to remotely monitor your home WiFi and make changes according to what you need. External users will be blocked from eavesdropping on your internet usage so your speeds stay where you want them and so you don’t incur extra charges. Protects your mobile devices McAfee LiveSafe 2015 comprehensively safeguards your tablets and smartphones, protecting data on lost or stolen devices and offering locate, lock and wipe features for truly dynamic protection. Viruses and spam are warded off in real time, and data on your mobile devices will be protected against the infiltration of risky apps. With its integrated password manager, McAfee SafeKey saves and remembers online password

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McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security 2015

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